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About Us

Capture a flower, capture a moment with Everlasting Flowers Jewelry
Our story begins in Mexico’s “Silver City” of Taxco. The town’s identity comes from its rich history of silver artistry, opulent architecture and colonial beauty. With endless fields of flowers that grow tall and wild surrounding the town lead to the inspiration behind Everlasting Flowers Jewelry™. As we pick from the fields of Taxco, our flowers remain in endless bloom by our handcrafted process of carefully press drying and preserving the flowers in top-quality clear resin. Once the flowers have dried, they are set in a vibrant sterling silver case, as the focal point of our jewelry. Each artisan crafted piece consists of a unique floral arrangement, with each flower representing its own symbolic meaning, making the jewelry one-of-a-kind! Timeless and unique, our pieces are a popular must-have gift for any occasion or personal collection.

Our aspiration is to revolutionize the world of floral gifting by providing you with an innovative alternative to sending flowers. While an expensive bouquet can only last for a week, Everlasting Flower Jewelry will last for years to come and is a perfect way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Thank You’. At Everlasting Flowers Jewelry™, we strive to provide you with pieces that are sure to make an everlasting impression.